E3100 Critical Point Dryer


The E3100 large chamber critical point dryer has been anindustry standard for over 35 years and is used in numerous scanning electron microscopy (SEM) laboratories around the world. Primarily used for the processing of lifesciences and geological specimens, the E3100 can also used for the controlled drying MEMs and aerogels.

Key features

  • Proven reliability – over 6,000 critical point dryer installations world-wide
  • Simple robust construction – easy to maintain – many critical point dryer users carry out their own routine maintenance
  • Horizontal chamber and large viewing window – excellent visibility of the fluid level and drying process
  • Safety – the design has been independently type tested to proof pressures in excess of the working pressure and bursting disc rupture pressure
  • Specimen handling – optional specimen holders for coverslips and TEM grids. Porous pots are available for fragile or very small specimens