Hall Effect Measurement system


Hall Effect Measurement System is very useful for measuring Carrier Concentration, Mobility, Resistivity and Hall Coefficient that should be pre-checked in order to grasp the electrical specifications of semiconductor device. Therefore, it is essentially required system to understand the electrical characteristics of semiconductor device.

Ecopia’s HMS series consist of constant current source , terminal conversion system by Van der Pauw technique, low temperature(77K) test system and magnetic flux density input system. So, it is well-established system that has all the things needed to Hall Effect Measurement System.

Securing precision and reproducibility from getting the electrical specifications of semiconductor device.
Minimizing an allowable error with setting the 6stage of current ranges to constant input current (1nA ~ 20mA) and also minimizing of electrical noise by using Van der Pauw technique method.

Compact desktop design and easy to use.
Easy to use by small-sized magnetic flux density input system using permanent magnet and low temperature measurement system.(77K) And, it is possible to test various size sample 5mm x 5mm ~ 30mm x 30mm, and max thickness sample is 5.5mm.

 Plotting graph of I-V Curve, I-R Curve.
By using graph, it can check the characteristics of current vs voltage and current vs resistance between each terminals by 4point probe test method. And based on these IV, IR test results, the system can check Ohmic Contact Quality of sample and electrically basic characteristics.

 Various Test Results.
Various data can be calculated automatically at once – Bulk & Sheet Carrier Concentration, Mobility, Resistivity, Conductivity, Hall Coefficient, Magnetoresistance, Alpha(Vertical/Horizontal ratio of resistance) and etc.