Planetary Reactor

The Planetary Reactor is based on the principle of a horizontal laminar flow reactor.

The laminar flow principle ensures extremely precise transitions between different materials, and an unparalleled control over the deposition rates for films that are only a few atoms thick.

G5+ for GaN on 200 mm Si

AIX G5+ characteristics

  • Unique axis symmetric wafer performance like Si single wafer reactor
    • Wafer bow
    • Thickness, composition, concentration
    • Device yield
  • Warm ceiling results in lowest heat flux through wafer
    • Smallest wafer bow by vertical temperature gradient
    • Enabling standard Si wafer thickness
  • Customized temperature optimization by recess shaping
AIX 2800G4-TM


  • Highest device yield & throughput
  • High precursor & hydride efficencies
  • Lowest cost/wafer Flexible configuration for 2 to 8 inch

Design Highlights

  • Automated satellite loading
  • Triple gas injector
  • Latest reactor design featuring
    • Advanced process tuning
    • Increased process robustness
    • Minimized overall maintenance