PECVD loadlock system

SI 500 PPD

Process flexibility

The PECVD deposition tool SI 500 PPD facilitates standard processes for the chemical vapour depositionof SiO2, SiNx, SiOxNy, and a-Si in a temperature range of RT to 350 °C.

Vacuum loadlock

The SI 500 PPD features vacuum loadlock and dry pumping unit for oil-free, higher throughput, and cleanliness of chemical vapour deposition processes.

SENTECH control software

User-friendly powerful software is included with mimic GUI, parameter window, recipe editor, data logging, and user management.

The SI 500 PPD represents an advanced tool for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of dielectric films, a‑Si, SiC, and other materials. It is based on planar capacitive coupled plasma source, vacuum loadlock, temperature controlled substrate electrode, optional available low frequency mixing, fully controlled oil-free vacuum system, advanced SENTECH control software using remote field bus technology, and a very user friendly general user interface for operating the SI 500 PPD.

A large variety of substrates from wafer up to 200 mm diameter to parts loaded on carriers can be processes in the SI 500 PPD plasma deposition tool. The single wafer vacuum loadlock guarantees stable process conditions and allows easy switching of processes.

The SI 500 PPD plasma enhanced deposition tool is configured to deposit SiO2, SiNx, SiONx, and a-Si films in a temperature range from room temperature up to 350 °C. Solutions are available for the deposition of TEOS, SiC, and other materials with liquid or gaseous precursors. The SI 500 PPD is suited for the chemical vapour deposition of dielectric films and amorphous silicon for etch masks, membranes, passivation films, waveguides, and others.

SENTECH offers different levels of automation ranging from vacuum cassette loading to one process chamber up to six port cluster with different deposition and etch modules targeted to high flexibility or high throughput. The SI 500 PPD chemical vapour deposition system is available as process module on cluster configuration as well.