deposition systems for logic and memory Technologies

QXP-8300 ALD System

Product Features

  • Simultaneous processing of 8 wafers in two ALD chambers with excellent station to station uniformity
  • Up to 4 precursor sources: combination of patented TriJet® vaporizers and bubblers
  • Isolated multi wafer processing with Close Coupled Showerhead® for efficient & uniform distribution of precursors and gases in short cycle time
  • >12,000 wafers run per chamber between wet clean or preventive maintenance
  • Applications: DRAM, Flash and Logic High k Dielectric and Metal
  • Over 80 chambers in High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) running over 300,000 wafers per month


  • Mini-batch 300 mm system
  • High throughput: 2 process chambers – 8 stations
  • Low running cost: >$1M savings per year for 80 K wafers start per month
  • Proven in HVM with >40 % lower CoO and >90 % uptime in semiconductor fabs
  • Oxide and nitride films with >95 % step coverage in 100:1 AR structures at 1x nm device and beyond

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