Film Thickness Probe Table Top Reflectometer FTPadv

Shortest way to film thickness

By selecting and starting an appropriate recipe, the FTPadv reflectometer gives thickness measurement in less than 100 ms with precision of less than 0.3 nm and in a thickness range of50 nm – 25 µm.

Unique AutoModel feature

Operator errors are reduced to a minimum by the comparison between the measured reflection spectrum and the spectra library.

SE-based material library

A large material library based on SENTECH most accurate spectroscopic ellipsometry measurement supplies recipes for the measurements of optical constants of new materials.

Best application expertise

For 20 years, SENTECH has successfully sold the Film Thickness Probe FTPadv for various applications. This table top reflectometer features thickness measurement of small samples up to large window panes, insitu or inline, at low or high temperatures, in industrial or research environments, by remote or direct control.

The tabletop reflectometer FTPadv accurately and reproducibly probes thickness and refractive index of transparent and weakly absorbing films on reflective and transparent substrates. The FTPadv can be attached to a microscope or be equipped with a stabilized light source for thickness measurement of layers up to a thickness of25 µm (thicker on request). The extensive database of predefined, customer proven, and ready to use applications benefits from SENTECH spectroscopic ellipsometer experience.

The FTPadv features the thickness measurement of any layer from a multilayer sample making the FTPadv the ideal cost-effective solution for film thickness measurement. The FTPadv for process control comprises an optical fiber bundle with post and sample holder, a stabilized light source with halogen lamp, and the FTP optics and controller station. LAN connection to PC allows remote control of the FTPadv in industrial applications like harsh environment, special protected rooms or large machinery.

The reflectometer FTPadv comes with a huge number of predefined recipes, such as dielectrics on semiconductors, semiconductors on semiconductors, polymers on silicon, films on transparent substrats, films on metallic substrates, and others. The unique AutoModel feature allows the detection of sample types by fast comparison with spectra library. This reflectometer reduces operator errors to a minimum. Film thickness measurement by optical reflection have never been so easy.

FTPadv for industrial quality control

Measurement of photoresists thickness

Film thickness probe with microscope upgrade