Autodrop Professional Positioning System

The Professional Positioning System AD-P-8000 is designed for high accuracy in the μm-range.
Vibration damping is achieved by using granite components for the base plate as well as for the bridge carrying the z-axis.
The substrate is placed on the x-y-table and is moved relative to the dispenser heads, while the z-axis which moves the dispenser heads up and down is stable.

This design minimizes the moved masses and improves positioning accuracy considerably. It is possible to move and control up to 8 dispenser heads or pipettes in parallel.

Dispensing can be done in “start-stop”-mode or in-flight, i.e. while the head is moving. Aiming accuracy then differs ± 5 respective ±10μm each single axis. The Autodrop Professional Positioning System contains all of the electronic control elements for the positioning unit and the dispensers.

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