Vulcan Cathodoluminescence Detector

Gain insight into your sample’s optical and electronic properties.

Characterize luminescence properties of materials at the nanoscale. The Vulcan™ detector is a cathodoluminescence (light) collection, detection, and analysis system for the (scanning) transmission electron microscope.

  • Miniature mirrors enable installation in most mainstream TEM/STEM instruments
  • High sensitivity allows easy analysis of luminescence from a wide range of samples
  • Directly correlate sample morphology and microstructure with luminescence properties
  • Measure electronic properties of luminescent materials at meV energy resolution including:  band gap, and defect and quantum confinement effects in semiconductors
  • Reveal surface plasmon resonance modes of nanoparticles in any STEM instrument
  • Cryogenic cooling of the specimen increases luminescence efficiency, reduces damage caused by the electron beam, and reduces the line width of spectral features from many specimens
  • Compatible with electron energy loss spectroscopy products from Gatan to allow correlation of absorption and emission processes