In-Situ Stages

In-situ heating and tensile testing stages allow dynamic microstructural observations and can provide new insights into materials research.

  • Modules are specially engineered for the scanning electron microscope (SEM) environment
  • Custom designs allow quick fitting and removal from SEM stages so normal SEM use can be resumed quickly
  • Designed to be compatible with geometrical requirements of different detectors including electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) for dynamic observations
Heating stage modules
  • Murano stage available for heating to 950 °C for EBSD applications and 1250 °C for secondary electron detector (SED) imaging
  • Study real-time crystallization and phase transformations at elevated temperatures up to 950 °C
  • Proprietary design enables offline specimen mounting and storage
  • Bulk specimen support designed specifically to operate within EBSD/focused ion beam (FIB)/SED geometry constraints
  • Water cooling and heat protective shielding ensure maximum protection at elevated temperatures
  • Additional bias control to assist with imaging at elevated temperatures
Microtest tensile stages
  • Observe cause of the deformation with the ability to image where change is occurring
  • Tensile, compression and bending tests available
  • Options for different load cells with load ranges from 2 N up to 5000 N for greater resolution
  • Easy to use software interface provides live graphing of quantitative data together with flexible thresholding for more complex experiments, including cyclical loading
  • Unique MTVideo option allows synchronized image and data acquisition providing detailed post experiment analysis of the sample deformation and corresponding captured SED images
  • Option for complete replacement X,Y, and Z SEM door and stage provides greater flexibility for heavier stages
Model #Maximum tensile
Heating optionCooling optionEBSD option3 or 4 Point bending optionChangeable load cell
Mtest200200 N
Mtest300 300 N
Mtest2000 2000 N
Mtest2000E 2000 N
Mtest50005000 N