MonoCL4 System

The MonoCL4™ system is the leading cathodoluminescence (CL) microscopy system for scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and electron probe microanalyzers (EPMA).  Its supremely efficient collection and detection ensures the ultimate performance in sensitivity and spatial resolution from a wide range of bulk and nanoparticle samples.

  • Reveal more than just morphology and compositional information
    • Optical, electronic and crystal defect properties of semiconductors
    • Phase and geochemical changes in rocks, minerals, and ceramics
    • Surface plasmon (optical) properties of metallic nanostructures (plasmonics)
    • Inter- and intra-molecular structure of organic materials
  • Designed from the ground up for cathodoluminescence microscopy, seamlessly integrating into an electron microscopy environment, and compatible with all major brand SEM
  • Ultimate sensitivity and spatial resolution across a broad range of wavelengths from deep UV to near infrared using achromatic collection optics with optimized collection efficiency and minimum optical losses using direct optical coupling
  • Analyze sensitive or weakly emitting materials fast and with full confidence utilizing the highest efficiency panchromatic imaging mode (total light with spectral filtering, if required) and fast spectroscopy detector option
  • Optimize hardware and software capabilities for specific applications with  fully customizable and upgradeable basic instruments from Gatan
  • Compatible with Gatan’s range of cryogenic stages and SmartEBIC products
Cathodoluminescence imaging and spectroscopy
High collection efficiency
CCD for fast spectroscopyOptionalOptional