Heating Holders

Single and double tilt heating holders for direct observation of micro structural phase changes, nucleation, growth and dissolution processes.

  • Mechanical link between heater and stage is made of a material with near zero coefficient of expansion to minimize thermal drift
  • Effective temperature control of specimen holder tip is maintained near the temperature of specimen stage using a water cooled specimen rod
  • Heat loss from furnace to specimen tip is minimized using specialized ceramic furnace supports

Heating holders

Model number Maximum
Furnace Specimen positioning Specimen securing Maximum electrical feedthroughs
628 1300 °C Tantalum
or Inconel
α Tilt Hexring®
652 1000 °C Tantalum
or Inconel
α, β Tilt Hexring
2 – 62
1Refer to datasheet for temperature maximums when using small pole piece gap holders.
2Optional 2 – 6 for JEOL UHR, 2 maximum for other EMMs