TAC100 and TAC200 Series Anti-Contaminators

Minimize contamination in the vicinity of the specimen within the TEM.

The TAC100 series liquid nitrogen anti-contaminators act as miniature cryo-pumps to minimize contamination in the vicinity of specimens within the transmission electron microscope (TEM) optical column. The TAC200 liquid helium anti-contaminators are used with helium cooling holders.
  • Blades of the TAC100 series anti-contaminators can be fully retracted or positioned near the tip of the TEM specimen holder using a three position bayonet collar
  • Blades can be configured as single, double, or tubular
  • Stainless steel flexible bellows allows movement of blades in and out of the specimen area of the objective lens without loss of vacuum
  • Conduction rod and blades are electrically isolated from the TEM, which allows the blades to be linked to a separate touch alarm to warn the user in the event specimen holder is tilted too far
Model number Cryogen Minimum temperature Standard gold plated copper blades diameter (mm) Optional beryllium blades diameter (mm)1 Blade positions Hold time
TAC100 Liquid
Less than
-180 °C
1.0 0.5 3 6
TAC200 Liquid helium ~10 K 1.0 0.5 3 4
1Indicates the blade aperture diameter.