ChromaCL2 System

The ChromaCL2™ system is a color cathodoluminescence imaging system for use in scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) and electron probe microanalyzers (EPMAs).  The system is suitable for many petrographic and earth science applications where color cathodoluminescence imaging can reveal geochemical processes.

  • Reveal macro- and micro-texture in sedimentary rocks including: sediment source, degree of compaction, diagenetic history, differentiation of authigenic and detrital minerals, cementation history, and provenance
  • Simple operation
  • Color cathodoluminescence images aid the interpretation of geochemistry changes
  • Higher spatial resolution than bench-top flood gun systems
  • Carbonate imaging kit to overcome phosphorescence from some carbonate minerals in scanned CL images
  • Effectively unlimited field of view with field stitching software module

ChromaCL2Color imaging (RGB)UV sensitivityIntegrated back scattered electron detectorField stitching softwareCarbonate imaging kit
ChromaCL2 iBSEDOptionalOptional
ChromaCL2UV iBSEDOptionalOptional