Hall Effect Measurement system


HMS-5500 / AMP55T (low temp)

  • Variable temp : 80K ~ 350K (model# : AMP55T )
  • HMS-5500 can be compatibly used with both low temp magnet kit (model# :AMP55T)  and high temp magnet kit (model#: AHT55T5, upto 500dC)

HMS-S5500 / AHT55T5 (high temp)

  • Variable temp : RT ~ 773K (model# : AHT55T5 )
  • HMS5500 can be compatibly used with both low temp magnet kit (model# :AMP55T)  and high temp magnet kit (model# : AHT55T5, upto 500dC)

  1. Main body system
    – Constant current source + Van der Pauw method terminal conversion system
  1. 0.55Tesla  magnet kit (Model # : AMP55T)
    – 0.55Tesla permanent magnet (+/-0.03Tesla)
    – conductive sample mounting board
    – Heater embedded into sample mounting board
    – LN2 reservoir tank (round type upper LN2 tank, square type lower LN2 tank)
    – Temperature sensor on the surface of sample board.


Sample mounting kit construction
Model#: SH80350K
– ① Round LN2 reservoir
– ② Magnet lid
– ③ Heater
– ④ Sample mounting board
– ⑤ Temperature sensor
– ⑥ Sample
AMP55T magnet kit top view.
1) Round LN2 reservoir
2) Metal plate on the bottom of round LN2 reservoir for conveying cooling energy to sample board
3) Automatic magnet movement by motorizing system
4) Magnet lid.
  1. Model# RTSK-5000

 – Model# RTSK-5000 is very good to measure only at RT and LN2(77K) temp conveniently.
– Model# RTSK-5000 kit consists of derlin magnet lid , SPCB-21 sample mounting board, and cable.

– This is an optional item and can be used with model# AMP55T, not with available with AHT55T3.


– You don’t need to use model# SH80350K sample holding kit when you just like to measure at RT and 77K(LN2) temperature.

  1. 0.55Tesla magnet kit (Model#AHT55T5, temp : RT ~ 500dC)


– Magnet moves automatically.
– 0.55Tesla (+/-0.03T) permanent magnet.
– Temperature increased automatically, ranging from RT ~ 500°C(773K).
– You can flow purge gas into small chamber and measure hall effect at the same time. Gas control valve can be installed as an option.
– Chamber must be installed before you start to measure sample.  Replace ambient air into N2 gas inside of chamber to avoid oxidization in high temperature test. 
Chamber also helps to maintain high temperature inside of chamber by avoiding cool airflow ,made by automatically moving magnet.

  1. S/W program