K2 Direct Detection Cameras

14.2 Megapixel camera optimized for single particle structural biology, cryo-tomography, plus high-speed dynamic and in-situ electron microscopy.

The K2 Summit® electron counting direct detection camera is simply the highest performance detector available for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). The unmatched frame rate of this direct detector allows electron counting modes to improve both contrast and resolution for large and small molecules alike.

  • First to identify ground-breaking structural discoveries using cryo-EM
  • K2® XP sensor provides the highest performance sensor for both resolution and contrast
  • Superior detective quantum efficiency (DQE) means better science
    • Image samples below 500 kDa at high resolution
    • Reliably resolve differences with heterogeneous samples
    • Higher quality cryo-tomography
  • Super-resolution mode means 4x larger area in one image

Comparison between the resolution and molecule size for published single particle cryo-EM structures. The K2 Summit or Quantum LS have been employed in all the structures which define the high resolution frontier across a range of molecular sizes. All data points listed represent results from www.EMDataBank.org in May of 2015 with a resolution better than 3.8 Å.