Gatan Microscopy Suite Software

Drive your digital cameras and surrounding components to support key applications including tomography, in-situ, spectrum and diffraction imaging, plus more.


Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS) is the industry standard software for (scanning) transmission electron microscope experimental control and analysis. GMS 3 is completely revamped and uses a new, much simplified user interface. GMS 3 enables novice users to easily perform basic research applications, while it continues to provide the deep access and control highly experienced microscopists are used to and demand.

Selected benefits of GMS software:

  • Technique-centric workflow: Guides you through experimental setup, execution and analysis
  • Tabbed workspaces and data layout manager: Provide a user-friendly way to organize and manage data
  • Dedicated view for live data: Clearly separates newly acquired data from prior experiments
  • EELS made easy: New, powerful model-based EELS analysis routines provide higher quality results, easier
  • DigitalMicrograph® scripting: Uncompromised full control for expert users