GIF Quantum Energy Filters

High throughput spectrometers to capture highly detailed data from your EELS and EFTEM experiments.

The GIF Quantum® filter represents the fourth and most advanced generation of post-column energy filters by Gatan. Redesigned from the ground up, the GIF Quantum filter combines advanced dodecapole-based electron optics with a blazing fast CCD camera system to yield an imaging filter that defines the new state-of-the-art in the capture of both highly detailed electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered transmission electron microscope (EFTEM) data sets with maximum throughput.
  • No compromise between EFTEM and EELS performance. Patented sensor readout architecture allows the same CCD sensor to be used interchangeably as a full-frame, high quality imaging device, a high speed live viewing device, and an ultra-fast spectroscopy device
  • Aberration correction up to the fifth order allows the use of a 9 mm entrance aperture for EFTEM and 5 mm entrance aperture for energy loss spectroscopy at performance specifications superior to that of the third generation GIF Tridiem® filter
  • Acquire images and spectra with unprecedented exposure control and dynamic range using integrated electrostatic shutter
  • High speed (1000 spectra/s), dose-efficient scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) EELS spectrum imaging for detail rich mapping
  • Large field of view energy filtered imaging, mapping, and diffraction with narrow slit widths using 9 mm entrance aperture
  • Improved collection efficiency for aberration corrected STEM EELS using 2.5 and 5 mm entrance aperatures
  • Low noise imaging and high speed viewing from the same detector during dual-speed camera readout mode
  • Broad range of operating modes and configurations from 60 – 300 kV
  • Capture a broader range of edges (2000 eV range) in a single spectrum for simplified quantification
  • Effortlessly measure precise energy shifts and apply advanced quantification routines for a new level of EELS analysis using DualEELS capability
  • Increased confidence that imaging filter is operating at peak performance with advanced autotuning
  • ​Outstanding energy resolution and very low image distortions using dodecapole-based optics

GIF Quantum SE system—Ideal for efficient filtered imaging and mapping while providing basic EELS support, and for tomography and beam sensitive samples when outfitted with a low dose scintillator. System comes standard with a 5 mm entrance aperture and the base performance of the Gatan US1000XP/FT camera system.

GIF Quantum ER system—System of choice for STEM EELS acquisition and fast EFTEM mapping from a broad range of electron sources. System comes standard with a 9 mm imaging aperture, STEM detector, electrostatic shutter, and the advanced modes of the US1000XP/FT camera system.

GIF Quantum ERS system—Highest energy resolution system available. Suitable only for monochromated electron sources. System comes with the same options as the GIF Quantum ER filter but also includes specialized electronics and components allowing it to break the 100 meV barrier.