Close Coupled Showerhead

Applying this technology, the process gases are introduced vertically over the entire coating surface in the reactor via the water-cooled showerhead surface.

The gas flow into the reactor is designed in such a manner that the Group III and Group V gases are separated until they enter the reactor (by many small narrow tubes at the showerhead inlet).

This technology ensures an unmatched level of reproducibility.

The new Close Coupled Showerhead MOCVD system fulfi lls your requirements for LED mass manufacturing. Equipped with numerous technical innovations the system enhances your competitiveness.

AIX R6 – 6 commitments to customer performance

  • Framework for LED production
  • Systematically lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Large reactor capacity 121×2 inch, 31×4 inch and 12×6 inch
  • Maximized throughput
    • Automation
    • Continuous runs
    • Reliability and uptime
  • Intrinsic yield and uniformity
  • Focus on user friendliness